PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE, melksham, england
The Pins, mentioned in glowing terms last issue, have an album's worth of outtakes from the "Valve" sessions entitled "Radar" worth hearing for the magnificent "Radiant" alone.
-Phil McMullen

TOAST, minneapolis

If I only had two words to describe the Pins they would without a doubt be trippy and mesmerizing. This is a psychedelic little collection of songs that give new meaning to the word art. The songs have so much diversity and mystery with every chord change that it leaves you in anticipation of what is to follow. The band uses lots of unidentified sound effects and very abnormal tones for their instruments. I would definitely file this as an alternative, alternative band. The Pins are from Minneapolis but it does not show at all in their music. They are a rare treat from the usual "dusty rock" vibe that is heard all too much in Minnesota. I suggest you turn on the lava lamp and crank this one up.
-Charles Brike

ROCTOBER, chicago

From the Dr. Who-esque "greyed rainbow" to the poppy space groove of "kite flying" to my fave robot song of the year, "robot machine" these Pins are knocked down for a strike!
-Flamin' Waymon Timbsdayle


Local group The Pins are back with a self produced album. Songs for this album were actually recorded a year ago and shopped around to labels as a demo. Unsatisfied with the response, The Pins returned to their basement practice space and with their trusty                     8-track reel-to-reel added more material, formed their own label and pressed a thousand copies of RADAR. While they continue to shop RADAR to other labels, it remains an original work. With a sound carrying different aspects of Low, 12 Rods, and Mercy                     Rule, The Pins hold a certain introverted depth in their recordings. Check out "Carousel," "Downstream," "Victrola," and "Phosphor."
-Julie Hill


Superior downer pop with a layer of electronics that keeps things interesting. One of the better pop records in a while.


Gorgeous drone rock genius with fried guitars. Comparable to bands like Jessamine, The Velvet Underground, Verlaines, The Feelies, Flying Nun freaks, etc. Excellent!

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