All the Night Sky

Stick it to the Man Records - Stick 003 CD - 1998

Sugar Pill

I feel much better when the sugar pill hits me

The brightest day
The fullest moon
The darkest sky
Donít move me
And no oneís face
And no oneís voice
And no oneís touch
Can move me

Spin the old tall maypole down

When all is wrong
Then all will change
And spring is coming

I feel much better
(lyrics/music: Barlow)


Well, the world looks fine
Itís the top of the moon and itís cold up here
The lights shine bright
And dust the day where old hearts go

Iíve closed my eyes
I need a hand to hold a heart to keep me warm

Itís an uphill climb
And I donít know how long Iíll be gone
Donít count the time
Donít close the door and go back home

I donít need to fly
I need some time alone a room to call my own

You can but try
(lyrics/music: Barlow)

Hollow Bells

Walls play tricks with us
Never left to ourselves
Stuck inside hollow bells

These moments aren't ours
They belong to someone else
Waiting in hollow bells
(words/music Shaskan)

Break and Dissolve

And so it goes
Away from me
And so I slip
Away from here

No lights mark my way

Taking down the night in turns on our sides
Sucking on the end of a day
Running from a rainy I know thereís no way
Got to find my hole in the sky someday

Itís easier than you know
Break and dissolve
(lyrics/music: Barlow)

Put it Back

When I fall down
You reach out your hand

It's all out now so lets Put it back upon the shelf

I reach for your hand
You come tumbling down


Now we're lying on the ground
I can feel all your love

(words/music Shaskan)


It beats drinking alone
When tears start to flow
The room echoes louder now
And no one can hear

No matter what I do
Iím stuck in here with me

I canít change these walls
Or my stupid ways
Iím getting older now
And maybe I canít change

No matter what I do
Those days are gone
(lyrics/music: Barlow)


Slipped a sleep too deep for words
Left my head up in the birds
And turned to a sliver moon

She dropped her summer coat of lead
And walked into the burning red
Whoís your mother now?

Sing salamander
Light your screwed up eyes

Meet me nowhere
(lyrics/music: Barlow)

Shipwreck Song

Lost at sea I don't belong
Treading water for too long
Stuck inside a shipwreck song

Her sails so beautiful, so beautiful to me
Flying on the open sea
Laughing at the captured breeze

Set adrift with no direction
Metaphor my complication
Honesty the only turn
(words/music Shaskan)


Wasted words are no more
Don't forget to shut the door
Your smile is always on my heart
Just like the stars

Pretty things don't mean a thing
When there's nothing pretty inside them

Fall around, fall around
Grabbing at the sky

Upside down, turned upside down
Learning how to slide

And I slide
(words/music Shaskan)

background by Jay Boersma