Stick it to the Man Records - Stick 002 CD - 1997


"Where are you going tonight?"
down where the river's deep and wide
never coming back
it's not that I need to go away
it's just that I need to take some time
never get it here
the river flows for miles and miles
never coming back
everything falls apart
everything falls apart around me


Eyes that lie down and sleep like a lamb
Wake up sleepy head, can't you see
Stars are all over me

Every morning you wipe the sleep away
Sparkles sunlight into my day

Eyes eyes eyes

Eyes that lie down and sleep like a lamb
(words/music Shaskan)

Robot Machine

fat daddy long haired mummy
how'd you get so strong
you admire little girls
and falter, shoes untied

gazing gazing to me
in the eye, late at night
restless, not wanting home
it's you, you're a robot machine

take wing robot machine

tin and lead, all in pieces
parting, we kiss goodbye
you, with the smiling faces
stamped upon your metal heart

swollen, melting, whiskey on the side,
oozing alloy, you just can't decide

on time ticking, beating, walking
flames of rosebuds, brunch buffet
piled on your plate you notice
nuts, bolts and wires, skipping away

take wing

Greyed Rainbow

fifteen years in a greyed rainbow;
the spider's web

the snow queen lays down her robes
on a sotted land
sick as dogs
close your eyes
go to sleep
we've got your dreams

Coming Home

these are my nerves, an ocean apart
heading towards a house white shore
I never meant to go to sea
I'm coming home

wed in snow in a soup bowl
throw the dress out the window

it's time to return, lazy and old
the hazards are gone, they sleep in my dreams
I never meant to go to sea
I'm coming home

The Wave

sinking in salt water
I thought I would float
watching the wave swell
my skin now soaked

this vast ocean
I've cried myself
the undertow

crashing down and pulling away
beatings on rocks ripping clothes
naked and waiting to be saved
by angel's wings spun with gold

the message in the bottle reads unclear
the birds above are circling
no longer can I feel my shell
no halos to be seen

the albatross is flying low
in the far a faint hello


when I can't control my heart
I light a fire
and full of phosphor and a spark
I burn brightly tonight
when I can't tell wrong from right
I light a fire
and with a greenish colored light
I burn brightly tonight
someone said the sky might open
let's go dancing in the rain
don't put me out

Kite Flying

kite flying
topped with leering dragonhead
nothing's wrong
nothing mars a mohair sky
when it's winding
when it's winding like these days

kite flying
so famously fragile
tail trailing
tangled in the nearest tree
when it's sliding
when it's sliding like these days

sun or stormy weather
or in the shade
something's always waiting
something's ours

kite flying
in a sick sick sky
no one near
no one nearly understands
when it's sleeping
when it's sleeping like these days

we all get our numbers, spin and go

Face the Blue

caught along the lakeside pier
waves were crashing, you weren't clear

I felt my head
rest upon you
thoughts of longing no more

busy at the tableside
a massive block between your eyes

almost fell upon the rocks
grabbed your hand and you were saved
a light upon you, your head surrounded
gasp of air and squeeze

shadows climb around your eyes
as you turn to face the blue

shadows mocking from within
as you turn to face the blue


as I fall from the top of the world
I am saved by your gravity

hanging from the tip of a star
we will fly through the galaxy

you're a meteorite shower
you give me the power to fly

you're so radiant
irradiate me

we can fly together
we will shine forever

background by Jay Boersma