CAKE MAGAZINE, minneapolis

re: Valve

Really creative, unusual art rock. And by art rock I don't mean a bunch of pretentious posers with more money and drugs than talent. I mean a band who has taken many colors from the world musical palette (yeah, right, like there is one - but it's kind of a cool idea), and woven them, in differing forms, into tasty alternative tidbits. Think a discordant Talking Heads. Like any other band, The Pins are not for everyone. Their edge is much more experimental, and contains plenty of punk weirdness. For those who enjoy truly unusual stuff, though, The Pins fit the bill perfectly. Their almost constant incorporation of sci-fi sound effects is another big plus, one which helps give this band an almost "otherworldly" type feel. Also, plenty of cool, dreamy guitar work. Thumbs up.
-Deneen Gannon

re: Pintangle

This local four-piece has sent in a five-song submission that is packed with promise. If you've ever heard "Flan" by Dogbowl, then you've got a good idea of what this band sounds like; this comparison is especially accurate on their second song, "Clouds Pass." However, this band has a stronger rock and electric guitar feel overall. The group also incorporates electric piano into their work, which gives their music an interesting edge. All five songs showcase an alternative musical feel and decent song composition. My only complaint is the production quality of this cassette, which is muddy and murky. This is fresh, good work that I want to hear crisp, clear and loud. Perhaps their upcoming LP release will help scratch this itch.
 -Deneen Gannon

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